TaxCut Support Site


  • We had been asking our customers to tell us which of four support providers they needed.  Users didn’t understand how we’d structured our support organization, they only knew what was preventing them from finishing their taxes. 
  • The site presented vaguely labeled, redundant content, such as FAQs and Q&A, which made it difficult to discern where to go find the content users were seeking.
  • The primary means for accessing content was through a search that didn’t provide relevant results and we were unable to customize to improve.  
  • All contact information was removed from products and users were required to view a self-help article prior to viewing contact information.




  • A topical browse view that visually communicates the organization of the support content based on a series of card sorts conducted with users.
  • Elimination of most of the redundant Customer Support content.
  • Rewrites of KB articles and titles to better match the user’s understanding of issues.
  • Development of a methodical approach to content maintenance based on user evaluation and data analysis.

Main Customer Support Page






  • Two usability tests and one summative card sort validated the browse view design.  Users easily scanned for the article they needed to solve their issues.
  • Significantly decreased contact volume in spite of an increase in traffic to the support site.
  • Fewer page views per visitor for the support site.