TaxCut Support Reports


  • We had a difficult time identifying user issues that should be fixed in the product.
  • Multiple reports had to be reconciled to determine what the issues were and the severity of the issues.
  • We couldn't get a holistic view of the issues.

Issue Identification Process



  • Combine 5 reports into one.


Combining Reports Allowed Us To

  • Understand the total number of users who experience an issue.
  • Take action on the issues in the report.
  • Clearly see the effect that posting a given write-up has on volume.
  • Identify trends in volume.
  • Identify high-volume issues that need to be fixed.

How I Got to One Report

  • Conducted a card sort with support agents to get accurate categorizations.
  • Tied knowledgebase articles to the categories agents use.
  • Developed a plan for ongoing maintenance of categories as new issues arise.


  • Increased accuracy of support data.
  • Better understanding of exactly what issues users experience.
  • Improvements to the product.
  • Also helps QA troubleshoot technical issues.