Block Live


  • Provide a way to replicate the in-office tax preparation experience at home, taking advantage of video chat capabilities.
  • Users needed to be able to find a tax pro that was available when they wanted to prepare their tax return, upload documents to share with their tax pro, and view and approve their return once completed.
  • Also included a mobile app to take pictures of and upload tax documents.





  • Concepted and designed a new product from the ground up, working with business partners and visual designers.
  • Built and tested several iterations of high-fidelity prototypes with users to ensure the viability of the concept and usability of the product.
  • Worked through detailed design and made trade-offs with development to ensure delivery within time and budget constraints.
  • Worked with the vendor who designed the mobile app to ensure the process between Block Live and the mobile app worked smoothly and ensured the app conformed to guidelines and design patterns established in the main application.

How It Works


Demo Video

Block Live


  • Concept and design performed well in usability studies.
  • Pilot and beta releases launched.